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Royal Industries is an innovation hub of technologists offering cutting edge engineering solutions exclusively for the cashew nut processing industry. Our products are Cashew Nut Cutting & peeling Machine, Drier, Boiler, Cashew Nut colour sorting, grading, Weighing, Packing Machine, Conveyor and Elevators. With over 30 years of industry insight, machinery manufacturing expertise and key clients, we bring an unmatched reputation for quality products and durable solutions.

What differentiates us from competition is our ability to understand the all-round needs of customers and deliver solutions that are best suited and customized for their needs. This means that we do not push products or sell the moon, but rather, work with the customer to arrive at a solution based on their individual concerns, requirements and budget. This also means that we proactively advise clients at various touch points and not thrust ideas of automation and scale. In today's hypercompetitive market, we thus offer a strong process resource and a trusted partnership to maximize our customer's performance.

Engineering excellence, an ethical approach and top notch customer service are our mantras for success. With a superb service network and a team that is extremely responsive to the needs of customers at every step, we offer excellent value for money.

The Royal Advantage

  • Absolutely reliable and highly durable machines that are capable of continuous operation with minimum maintenance and no downtime.
  • High quality in manufacture using proven technology, high-grade materials and latest processes.
  • Lofty innovation standards and cutting edge design ensure that there is minimum wastage during processing and no downtime in operation.
  • Excellent service network and highly responsive customer service teams.
  • We seek to maximize efficiency and minimize the cost of ownership at every step.

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