Automatic Cashew nut Cutting Machine in India

Automatic Cashew nut Cutting Machine

The only Cashew Cutting Machine in India able to operate even in single phase connections!

The Royal Automatic Cashew nut Cutting Machine is a product of rigorous R&D and over 30 years of experience in working closely with cashew processing units / plants all over South India. This rich R&D and hands-one experience has translated into 3 main advantages, both in cost and efficiency:

Provided the blade setting is as specified, we give an assurance of

  • Absolutely no loss due to broken pieces being delivered (99% efficiency).
  • Compared to our competitors, the percentage of uncut pieces is also very less and we can guarantee about 90% efficiency in our product.
  • Higher levels of output compared to machines from competitors.

Motor driven and available in 3 phase or single phase power connections, we offer excellent flexibility in operations. Further, our automatic Cashew nut Cutting machine is available in two models, with 2 and 4 feeds respectively. The 2 feed model can process about 220 to 250 kg/hr and the 4-feed model can process about 300 to 320 kg/hr. The automatic Cashew nut Cutting machine requires minimum maintenance, offers zero contamination and is capable of continuous trouble free operation. Our automatic Cashew nut Cutting machine is Compact in design, minimum in noise and vibration and absolutely easy to operate, our automatic cashew cutting machines are a sure partner for your success.

Technical Specifications
Model RIC-M2 RIC-M4 RIC-M8
Capacity (Kg/hr) 220 to 240 300 to 320 620 to 640
Power Required (KVA) 0.9 1.4 1.9
Operating Voltage 220 V/50 Hz for all machines (Available in both single and 3-phase connections)
L × B × H (in mm)      

Note: Specifications and capacity may alter due to continuous ongoing R&D. Contact us for the latest data.

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