Best Automatic Cashew nut Colour Sorting Machine in India

Cashew Colour Sorting Machine

The Royal automatic cashew nut colour sorting machine is an innovative technological product that helps to ease the highly manual and skill intensive task of separating and grading cashews and eliminating the defective pieces. A high resolution 2048 pixel camera coupled with a high speed digital processing circuit ensures that even spot defects in cashew nuts are easily identified.

The automatic cashew nut colour sorting machine is offered in various capacities and what makes it special is the fact that cameras are double sided to get an all-round view of the product and thus eliminate even the smallest of imperfections in sorting. Our automatic cashew nut colour sorting machine not only saves times, but also ensures that sustained production can be maintained round the clock, as the human intervention part and the error associated with the same is almost eliminated.

Various safety cut outs are available in this compact cashew nut colour sorting machine. For example, the machine automatically stops when the air pressure is low. Easy operability by means of touch panels and high reliability in operation ensure an excellent return on investment.

Technical Specifications
MODEL Royal Colour Mini 1 Royal Colour Mini 2 Royal Colour Magic 1 Royal Colour Magic 2 Royal Colour Magic 3
Capacity (Kg/hr) 100 to 150 200 to 300 400 to 600 500 to 750 750 to 1000
Power Required (KVA) 1 1 2 2 3
Operating Voltage 220 V/50 Hz for all machines
Air Requirements (HP) 5 5 10 10 15
L × B × H (in mm) 918 × 1325 × 1607 918 × 1325 × 1607 1530 × 1283 × 1908 1530 × 1283 × 1908 1950 × 1270 × 1940

Note: Capacity is based on a 2% contamination level. Air requirement is for general guidance and depends on percentage of contamination and quality of sorting required. Specifications may alter due to continuous ongoing R&D. Contact us for the latest data.

Principle of Working

The machine works on the general idea that once the defective cashew pieces are identified by colour, they are blown away.

General Maintenance

  • Regularly drain the air bottles of moisture.
  • Ensure high air quality and that the air compressor is maintained properly.
  • Specific maintenance tips depend on the models and our installation engineer will be able to guide you appropriately.
  • Ensure that the machine operates in an environment free from moisture.

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