Cashewnut Boiler and Cooker (IBR Type)

Cashewnut Boiler and Cooker (IBR Type)

Royal Machines offers a broad range of certified boiler and cooker IBR boiler of different capacities, levels of automation and controls, based on the need. Our rugged and reliable boilers offer long service life and minimum maintenance. Further, they are built with safety features, continuous operation and minimal manual intervention in mind.

Basic method of working

Steam generated in a boiler is used for cooking the cashew nuts. Subsequent to the cooking, the cashews are cooled down for about 18 to 24 hours to room temperature. The duration of cooking depends on the capacity of the boiler chosen. In this, we have a wide selection available.

In addition to the boiler and cooker setup, we provide optional accessories like raw cashew feeling station or ramp, feed elevator, screw conveyer to move the cooked raw cashew from cooker to cooling area and a steel base structure for cooker. All these additional attachmentsare supplied based on customer need, the intended processing size of the batch,possibility of extension of mechanization and space availability. Cooking pressure and cooking timing are carefully controlled with auto controls in all models.

However, the amount of automation capability varies depending on the model in question.

Key Features

  • Compact installation and easy operation.
  • Certified and safe to operate continuously in the given range.
  • Easy availability of spares.
  • Easy inspection and maintenance
  • High levels of automation, to ensure minimum supervision and manual intervention.
  • Low total life cycle cost
  • Ability to add additional mechanical components as necessary, at any time.
Technical Specifications


Model 1

Model 2

Steam Capacity (Kg/hr)



Maximum Boiler Pressure



Operating Pressure



L × B × H (in mm)




Note: Specifications and capacity may alter due to continuous ongoing R&D. Contact us for the latest data.

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