Cashewnut Boilers and Cooker (Non-IBR Type)

Cashewnut Boilers (Non-IBR Type) and Cooker

The Royal Non-IBR boilers are workhorses of efficiency that have won the respect and admiration of the industry over the past 30 years. Continuously updated with rigorous R&D, we have continuously worked on improving the efficiency, improving the safety aspects and delivering better valve. Specifically tailored for the cashew nut processing industry, our non-IBR boiler can easily supply 2 cookers and work on processing 1280 kg of cashews within one hour. Special materials have been used that capably withstand corrosion and strenuous operating conditions.


Advantages of Royal non-IBR Boilers

  • Compact and easy to install.
  • High quality relief valve to ensure the highest levels of safety.
  • Low total life cycle cost.
  • Easy inspection and maintenance.
  • User friendly operation.

Our range of cookers can be delivered separately or along with our boiler. The cooker ably complements the boiler and is of energy efficient design, robust in construction and easy to maintain to deliver the highest value to customers at all times.

Technical Specifications
Model RIC-NB  (for 2 cooker)
Steam Capacity (Kg/hr)  
Maximum Boiler Pressure  
Operating Pressure  
L × B × H (in mm)  

Note: Specifications and capacity may alter due to continuous ongoing R&D. Contact us for the latest data.

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