Heavy Duty Continuous Band Sealer

Heavy Duty Continuous Band Sealer

The Royal heavy duty continuous band sealer is an able complement to the semi-automatic filling and weighing machine. It offers an excellent ability to make hermetic seal on filled pre made pouches of heat sealable laminate or non-laminate materials.

The machine is designed to be easy to work on whilst being low in maintenance. It can handle laminate thicknesses of up to 250 microns, with easily adjustable conveyor height. It gives a broad sealing ability when compared to conventional machines and the high material quality ensures excellent resistance to corrosion and wear. An adjustable temperature microcontroller gives a broad temperature range setting of up to 300°C, thereby making the machine versatile in operation. Low power consumption, a compact presence and high product quality make this machine a sure winner amongst its peers.

Technical Specifications
MODEL  RIC-cBs H-910EHS RIC-cBs v-910 / cBs H-910
Sealing speed (meters/min) 10 8
Heaters   2 cartridge Heater of 500w 2 cartridge Heater of 300w
Power used  440 V at 3 phase/ 220 V at single phase 50-60 Hz
Temperature ranqe  0 - 300'c 0 - 300'c
Temperature controller  Digital Digital
Sealing width  3mm - 12mm 3mm - 12 mm
Sealing property Any heat sealable laminate/non-laminate
Size of Packing Bag 50 - 200 mm (H × W any size) 100-300 mm/50 - 200 mm (H × W any size)
Maximum sealable thickness of laminate  Up to 250 Microns Up to 200 Microns
Conveyor belt width (in mm) 300 200
Conveyor height   Adjustable up to 100 mm Adjustable up to 500mm / 100mm
Conveyor Ioad capacity (in kgs) 25 15
Dimensions  (in mm) 2000 x 1000 x 1 500 1750 x 730 x 1430/ 1750 x 730 x 1200
Net Weight (in kilograms) 180 150 kg. / 130 kg.

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