Raw Cashew nut Grading Machine

Raw Cashew Nut Grading Machine

Royal Machine’s raw cashew nut grading machine is a highly precise engineering innovation that can clean and sort raw cashews based on 5 different sizes. It comes in with an additional dust separator, which can be used to remove dust, small particles, stones and large particles from the raw cashew input. Further, the auto feed mechanism reduces the need for manual intervention and labour costs associated with the same.

Basic method of working

Raw cashew nuts are fed into a feeding hopper, which acts as a temporary storage space for the raw cashew nuts. It thus acts as a buffer in feeding the machine as per the requirement. From the hopper, the nuts enter the inclined bucket elevator. This bucket elevator is provided for easy transportation of nuts to the drums. Calibration and cleaning of nuts takes place in the cylindrical drums.

Key Features

  • Vibratory sieves with 1 H.P. 3 phase/single phase motor.
  • Mild steel body structure and circular net.
  • Maintenance free
  • Automatic operation
  • Entire set up is manufactured from food-grade material
  • Minimum vibration and noise during operation

Technical Specifications

Model Number : -

Separators: 4 – 5 sizes

Capacity: 500 – 700 kg/hr

Power required : -

Operating Voltage : -

L × B × H (in mm) : -

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